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Experiments with Shading

This weekend, in our Quilter’s Palette Class (, we began working with black dye added to our colors to produce shades, and basically deepen the colors.  Black can be a difficult dye to work with – we actually combined 2 different blacks to try and create a “better black.”

I’m very happy with my mottled greens and blues:

The darker fabrics in the photos are a combination of the same blue or green with black added to it.  I love the effect!  It adds to much more depth to the fabric.  I’m still working with the black by itself to produce a good grey. Will keep you posted on that one.  Even when the fabrics don’t turn out that great, I know I can over-dye them and usually get a pretty incredible fabric anyway!  Just more fun to try out!

If you are the least bit interested in dyeing fabric, I highly recommend any of Marjie McWilliam’s classes – you can find her @


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Putting It All Together

My dream in life is to become an Artist. For years I have been sewing, quilting, knitting, teaching and now dyeing fabrics. I’ve been soaking up as many techniques as I could. Now I want to start putting it all together and CREATE! There is so much to learn, and so many things that fascinate me, at times it’s overwhelming. But definitely in a good way!

So this year, my resolution is to start putting it all together. I’m going to track my year’s progress with this blog, including photos and information on techniques that I’ve learned. This blog should help me record my work and also help anyone else who is interested in learning new techniques.

I also teach sewing, quilting, machine embroidery at a local quilt shop. And now I am putting together a new class for Electric Quilt (EQ6). My hopes are also to use this blog to help my students as they participate in these various classes.

I love to learn, but I also love to teach. Art of any kind, needs to be shared! I have found teaching to be such a beneficial endeavor. Not only am I spreading the knowledge I’ve acquired (from so many other generous teachers), I always learn new things from my students. Sometimes the things I learn might be new techniques, but more often the lessons are much more personal and inspiring.

I truly thank all of the many teachers and friends I’ve had, as well as all of my students. Their generosity, inspiration and enthusiasm truly fills my heart and my life!

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Never Start at the Beginning

Where to Start? Where to Start? I even went so far as to Google “start at the beginning.” And sure enough, the advice I got was “NEVER start at the beginning.”

So, heeding that advice to writers, I’ll start with tomorrow!

I’ve enrolled in another Quilt University class. Yeah! Another fabric dyeing class with Marjie McWilliams – she is the best! After reading book after book on dyeing cotton, and following all of the recipes I could get my hands on…no one, but Marjie, has explained it all so well! She not only makes you think, she’ll then explain it all in easy-to-understand detail! Plus, for anyone who has dyed cotton before and thought you had to leave your fabric sit in the dye for 6-24 hours! Great news…YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS! With Marjie’s techniques, most fabrics are done in 1 HOUR…yes, you read that correctly. And yes, the colors are rich and deep!!

My first class with her (Cotton Dyeing) has just finished up and now we will begin Quilter’s Palette tomorrow! She’s promised to show us how to mix our dyes and come up with incredible colors to create “colors of nature.” Such as sea, sky, trees and flesh tones! And, with 50 yards of new fabric waiting to be dyed…I’ll be busy for weeks!! 🙂

I’m also taking her Silk Dyeing class – this is a totally new field to me and has been just as exciting and informative. Now I’m wondering what 50 yards of silk will cost me! Better hold off on that one for a little while longer!

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Marjie! She is funny, excited and a wealth of information! Yeah, Margie, you rock, Girl!!!

Can you see the specks?

Can you see the specks? Still a cool piece.

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