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The Ever Present Red Specks

Any fabric dyer worth their salt…will not have red specks on their fabric.  You must filter the red dye.  No problem, I can follow the rules with the best of them.  But I’m still getting the red specks!!!!! I filtered the dye, I swear, I did, Marjie!

Can you see the specks?

Can you see the specks?

But there they are, ever present.  What’s a girl to do??  This is my new mission…get rid of the specks and make that red spread and blend beautifully.  Also known as, “How to get the red to play well with others.”

Greys…those are posing  a problem also, first too pink, now too green.  I’d post  a picture, but the photo looks great, not the actual green it is.  So, back to the drawing board with that one too.

And I’m getting behind on my silk dyeing classes.  While I find the silk to be absolutely beautiful and even a pure joy to work with, I still love my cottons and really want to master them first.  Looks like I got my work cut out for me.

On the home front…darling hubby went for standard bloodwork.  Couple of hours later, his doctor calls up and sends him to the ER.  Supposedly, his Potassium count was over 7.  The good news is, with his history and a Potassium count of 7, you never have to wait in the ER again…you just bypass everyone in the ER and get in immediately!  They had already run an EKG and had the results before I even got back there with him.  They ran more bloodwork and his Potassium is fine. LAB ERROR!  He can go home…in a couple of hours…it will take that long to get a call back from his doctor to release him.  So all Saturday was spent in the ER.  But I truly have to say, this was the best news we’ve ever gotten in an ER room!!  So we happily went home…quietly thanking God all the way home!  He must have forgotten we were there!

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