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The Serge(r) is Working!


Bernina 1130MDC

My new Bernina 1300MDC serger that is!  I finally got my dream serger this weekend.  And my wonderful friend, Lisa, spent all day with me going over the Mastery Class – how to thread it, how to do wonderful little tricks on it with decorative threads…how to make beautiful stitches! Thanks again, Lisa!!  And thanks again, to Linda! 🙂

I highly recommend this serger!  The threading is not difficult at all.  It takes a little time to learn it – but I think that is just because it LOOKS complicated.  After rethreading it all morning, you realize it really is pretty simple – all color coded and pretty easy to follow.  I don’t think the quality of the stitches can beat!  Simply perfect.  I was recently in an art gallery in Scottsdale.  A woman there had beautiful hand-dyed silk garments displayed.  I, of course, started looking at the seams, checking out the quality of the construction.  I turned to my mom, and said, “I bet she uses a Bernina.”  Sure enough, we were lucky enough to talk with the artist.  I had to ask her, and sure enough, she used a Bernina!

This machine does it all! Cover-stitches, chain stitches, overlock, everything!  The Berninas are pricier than other machines, but if you have a good dealer in your area that can provide good support, and you can scrap together enough money for it, do it!

With our daughter getting married (to a wonderful Jazz Man) this Fall, and me promising to make the flower girl dresses…I just had to have this machine.  How else would I get wonderful stitches and finishes on those dresses, that I have yet learned how to sew!?? Oh, I’ve made my now famous “clown pants.”  These are just pajama pants that I wear around the house (and would even wear to work if I could get away with it).  I make them with batiks or any crazy fabric I can find in the quilt store.  The have elastic and a draw-string in the waist and are quite simply…very comfy!  But that is about the extent of my garment sewing.  So, this is where the new serger and my BFF comes in.

I know…I’m supposed to be creating…not learning something ELSE! But I’ve had my eye on this beauty for about 2 years now – and just couldn’t pass up Linda’s great offer!  But at least there are 2 projects that are already slated to be finished with my new baby! Maybe my path in life right now is still to learn.  Actually, I hope I NEVER stop learning!

The fabric dyeing classes are going great.  I just need more time in the day to work on them.

Next assignment for myself:  Make a list of things I would like to accomplish this year.  A little late getting started on my New Year’s resolutions, but late is typically my MO.  First thing on that list will be to go over all of my dyeing recipes, re-do them.  Taking great notes, tweaking the recipes, cutting samples, etc.  All with the hope of getting some wonderful sets of FQ’s together – possibly to sell, possibly as gifts.


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