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Virtual Sketch Date (VSD) In May

0905 VSD - Rhoden copy I surprised myself with this little drawing.  A little too late to submit to Virtual Sketch Date (I mistakenly wrote May on the page, it’s actually April’s), but it has me geared up and impatiently waiting for this month’s picture. This photo for reference is supplied by Jeanette Jobson.  Be sure to check out this inspirational site, if you haven’t already:  Virtual Sketch Date.  It’s very interesting to see different people’s interpretation of the same photo.

I started off with a light sketch in pencil…everything else was pretty much done backwards…then I colored in the flower and leaves with my new watercolor pencils, drew the lines with my Micron Pen, then wrote my journal notes, and finally applied a watercolor wash.  Still, I’m much happier with it than I expected to be.


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Doodle (Zentangle) With Color


Doodle with watercolor pencils

I was playing with my Prismacolor Water Color Pencils last night.  These things are beautiful. After making various swatches of the various colors, I wanted to draw something.  It was late, and I couldn’t come up with any ideas…so I doodled!  Then I colored in the doodle with the pencils, overlaying yellow and red to make orange…and blue and red to get the purples.  Basically, just mixing the colors on the paper.  Then, using my small waterbrush (another great invention), I started wetting the colored areas of the drawing.

Here is what I came up with.  It definitely showed me some of the possibilities I could have with actual sketches.  Pretty exciting! And much easier and faster to use than my tubes of watercolors.  I tried to just use mostly primary colors to test the mixing capabilities on the paper.

Let me know what you think…I’d love to see any work you’ve done with these types of pencils!


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