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Bernina BSR Class

Free-Motion Quilting Class

So many people have the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) – and for good reason…this free-motion “foot” is incredible.  But…so many our so nervous about even trying it, that it remains tucked away in it’s cute little tin box.  Time to open that box and start stitching!!  These classes were designed to help you become COMFORTABLE with free-motion stitching. You’ll be amazed at the incredible results you’ll get!  In the first class, you’ll be stitching cables and feathers…and I’ll bet you’ll even be able to write your name in stitches!

For anyone in the Palos Heights, IL area…I will be teaching my popular BSR classes in July @ Susan Marie’s quilt shop.

Quilt Designs With Your BSR (1st in Series)

Become more comfortable with your BSR – it’s fun!  We’ll start with the basics of machine quilting, including discussion of supplies, notions, threads, batting, design marking, etc. You’ll have plenty of time to practice and get comfortable before jumping into feathers, cables, motif designs, as well as stipple quilting and free motion.  There will be a lot of in class practice before you start on a whole cloth wall hanging project.  You” be amazed at the results you can obtain with the BSR!  This is a PREREQUISITE to Skill Building (2nd in Series).

Saturday, July 17, 9:30 – 1:30 pm, Class Fee $35

Skill Building 1 With Your BSR (2nd in Series)

You have played a little with your BSR foot – everyone tells you to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE.  But where do you start?  What do you work on?  This fun class will get you going on a small, whole cloth quilt with all types of designs to work on.  The designs are already pre-printed on the fabric and include stippling, feathers, cables, cross hatch and more!  We’ll show you where to start on the quilt, which designs to do first, review the structure of various designs so you’ll learn to “see” the flow and structure of the design.  Threads, basting and batting will also be reviewed.  Come practice with others, it’s more fun this way! (Fabric Panel and booklet is in your kit.) This is a secondary class to “Quilt Designs with Your BSR”

Two Saturday Sessions: July 24 and 31, 9:30 – 1:30 pm, Class Fee $55 plus kit fee

(The BSR and a Bernina machine are NOT necessary – ALL machines with free-motion capabilities are welcome.  (You must be able to drop the feed dogs and a darning foot is required.) )

Hope to see you there!


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Playing with the new Serger

I was playing around with my new serger – trying to make a t-shirt.  Hancock’s had this fabric so cheap, I had to give it a try. Everything went together well.  I did a narrow hem on the shoulders (nice).  I did a standard 4-thread OL on the sides and sleeves.  The sleeves even went in nice.  I did a basting stitch to help gather them evenly. Yeah!  I hemmed the bottom – with the cover-stitch. That was going great until I got back around – the top-stitching didn’t quite match up – and got a little wonky. No problem, it’s pretty small and on the back. Anyway…I’m just practicing.   So onward to the neck I went. This is when the trouble began! I ironed the hem down and off I went – then the stitches didn’t catch the whole edge of the fabric….so I ripped.  Pressed it again, and pinned it (stabbing myself multiple times with the pins).  Now I had problems with the threads and had to rip again (one of the threads kept popping out of the tension). So I sprayed it with a little water, cleaned up all the pieces of woolly nylon (what a mess) and laid it to rest on my ironing board. Then I went to bed.

When I woke up this morning…I had a flash…TAPE THE HEM down! Forget trying to use the guide (which by the way, usually works quite well). So I will try this technique tonight.

I’m really glad I got this fabric so cheap!  But that could be part of the problem anyway, it’s cheap cotton-knit fabric, very thin, but great for a t-shirt or yoga shirt! And I love the khaki color! But I can’t help but wonder, why I wouldn’t just hem all of the pieces first, then sew the seams. I’m sure I won’t be re-inventing the proverbial “sewing wheel” here, but I am sure I could get a much nicer coverstitched hem if I didn’t have to sew them in a circle. I’ll probably run into a huge problem at the shoulders when I try this, but I think I’ll do it anyway!

I ordered the “Serger Secrets” book – that will probably help a lot – but haven’t gotten it yet. I’ll keep you posted! Having a blast!

(photos to come)


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The Serge(r) is Working!


Bernina 1130MDC

My new Bernina 1300MDC serger that is!  I finally got my dream serger this weekend.  And my wonderful friend, Lisa, spent all day with me going over the Mastery Class – how to thread it, how to do wonderful little tricks on it with decorative threads…how to make beautiful stitches! Thanks again, Lisa!!  And thanks again, to Linda! 🙂

I highly recommend this serger!  The threading is not difficult at all.  It takes a little time to learn it – but I think that is just because it LOOKS complicated.  After rethreading it all morning, you realize it really is pretty simple – all color coded and pretty easy to follow.  I don’t think the quality of the stitches can beat!  Simply perfect.  I was recently in an art gallery in Scottsdale.  A woman there had beautiful hand-dyed silk garments displayed.  I, of course, started looking at the seams, checking out the quality of the construction.  I turned to my mom, and said, “I bet she uses a Bernina.”  Sure enough, we were lucky enough to talk with the artist.  I had to ask her, and sure enough, she used a Bernina!

This machine does it all! Cover-stitches, chain stitches, overlock, everything!  The Berninas are pricier than other machines, but if you have a good dealer in your area that can provide good support, and you can scrap together enough money for it, do it!

With our daughter getting married (to a wonderful Jazz Man) this Fall, and me promising to make the flower girl dresses…I just had to have this machine.  How else would I get wonderful stitches and finishes on those dresses, that I have yet learned how to sew!?? Oh, I’ve made my now famous “clown pants.”  These are just pajama pants that I wear around the house (and would even wear to work if I could get away with it).  I make them with batiks or any crazy fabric I can find in the quilt store.  The have elastic and a draw-string in the waist and are quite simply…very comfy!  But that is about the extent of my garment sewing.  So, this is where the new serger and my BFF comes in.

I know…I’m supposed to be creating…not learning something ELSE! But I’ve had my eye on this beauty for about 2 years now – and just couldn’t pass up Linda’s great offer!  But at least there are 2 projects that are already slated to be finished with my new baby! Maybe my path in life right now is still to learn.  Actually, I hope I NEVER stop learning!

The fabric dyeing classes are going great.  I just need more time in the day to work on them.

Next assignment for myself:  Make a list of things I would like to accomplish this year.  A little late getting started on my New Year’s resolutions, but late is typically my MO.  First thing on that list will be to go over all of my dyeing recipes, re-do them.  Taking great notes, tweaking the recipes, cutting samples, etc.  All with the hope of getting some wonderful sets of FQ’s together – possibly to sell, possibly as gifts.


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