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Diving into the (water) Colors!

I’m getting a little more into painting than I had originally planned.  My intent was to get a few watercolor classes under my belt.  Mostly so I could keep a watercolor journal.  But I find myself diving deeper and deeper into the beautiful waters!  I find it so relaxing playing with colors, whether fabrics, dyes or paints.  I’m also seeing how the bits I learn in one area, carry over into the others.  For example, starting off with a basic color theory class with the incredibly inspirational, Judy Perez, has been the catalyst for me to feel more comfortable when mixing dyes, paints and even fabrics. (Thanks, Judy!  Your classes have been fun, inspiring and so rewarding!)

Here are photos of some of my first pieces:

first painting in Carmen's Classcat painting cropped

The flower was my first piece done in a watercolor class at the La Grange Art League.  I painted the cat while following a tutorial on Wet Canvas – TONS of info on that sight for ALL types of artists…a wonderful community of very generous artists…a DEFINITE must see!!

Who knows where tomorrow will take me!  I’ve no clue…all this started with a little Color Theory Class! :


Geri Ann

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Start Keeping Track

I’ve got a lot of stuff to do!  Including the fact that I must get more focused in my life and learn to live in the moment!

  1. Start an art journal
  2. Re-dye the color wheel in cottons, keeping copious notes and examples of work (all neatly bound in a binder)
  3. Organize all my color recipes
  4. Create 2 flower girl dresses on new serger
  5. Create FQ kits of hand-dyed fabric
  6. Work on and complete at least one object with painted/quilted fabric – maybe a purse or pillow
  7. Design beginner and intermediate EQ class, to teach in the Fall
  8. Work with Paint Sticks – make something with these (wall-hanging w/leaf patterns?)
  9. Practice Doodling – this is a great creative outlet!
  10. Make some great looking T-Shirts on my new serger – and some yoga pants to go with them!
  11. Learn how to make lingerie! Whoo Hoo! I already have some patterns and fabric – time for some new panties! 🙂
  12. Get back to the gym and lose some weight (is this on almost everyone’s To-Do List?)
  13. More YOGA!!
  14. Create a fabric art Self Portrait (this should be very insightful)!  Maybe make a couple of different ones – feel like I need to re-examine myself and my entire being right now.  This should prove a wonderful exercise!  Great way to use up some of my hand-dyed fabrics.
  15. Keep this blog going and make it interesting.  Add some tutorials and more pics of WIP’s.

This list should be doable.  The hard part is the incredible slow-down at work and my mind keeps racing with everything I want to accomplish.  Most of which has nothing to do with work! UGH!  I wish I enjoyed my job more…the bosses are great and the money is good…I really have nothing to complain about…at least I have a job!  It’s just not creative IN ANY WAY.  And my creative juices are flowing!

I’m sure there are at least a dozen other things I will add to my To-Do List…this list is also a work-in-progress.  So much to do…so little time!

I still have a few more classes lined up – then I’m taking a break from the classes and begin to put my training into finished projects!  One of the classes is Shibori techniques, again with The Queen of Dyeing, Marjie McWilliams.  And then finally, to wrap it up with Marjie, a Gutta Resist class on silk!  All of these dyeing classes have been on Quilt University.  I cannot recommend them enough.

I’ve taken other classes on QU and enjoyed them as well.  If you are interested in using/learning the Electric Quilt (EQ6) software, I also recommend ANY class by Fran Gonzalez.  Fran has written books for EQ and knows her stuff.  Her classes are also well organized and very informative.  In addition to her being one of the most knowledgable people on EQ, she is also one of the most positive teachers I’ve ever met!

Finally, to wrap up my training for a while…2 more classes at the Chicago International Quilt Festival!  An all day class with Judy Perez on Painting Whole Cloth Quilts.  Judy is a very talented artist and has published numerous articles for Quilting Arts Magazine. To round out the training…I’m taking a smaller class on Sashiko.  Sashiko is an old Japanese style of quilting – very beautiful.  I like to keep a little handiwork going for those times I don’t want to be in my “studio.”

After typing all of this, I’m starting to wonder when I’ll get to my To-Do List!?


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Color Theory

Learn, Learn, Learn!  If I really want to become an artist – I realized I needed some basic color theory under my belt.  I feel like all I’m doing is learning, but not making anything…that’s OK!  My big transformation is not going to happen overnight…

I’ve signed up for a class with Judy Coates Perez at the International Quilt Festival in Rosemont in April.  This will be a whole-cloth painting class.  Judy’s work is wonderful…she’s always getting published in one place or another.  Probably most often in Quilting Arts Magazine.  Well, she also teaches an online Color Theory Class (see her blog for more info, link above).  We use fabric paints (since this is the medium we’ll be using in her painting class), and mix our colors to our hearts content.

Color Wheel

Color Wheel

Only using the primary colors (red, blue and yellow), we learn to mix the entire color wheel.  Then things really start getting fun when we learn about tints, shades and tones…and mixing complimentary colors…and on and on.  Really a well-rounded class and recommended to anyone who uses color: quilters, artists, knitters, scrapbookers, etc.

We are always surrounded by color, but we are usually unaware of it…we take it for granted.  This class will help open your eyes to the colors around you.

Adding White to the Color Wheel

Adding White to the Color Wheel - Making Tints!

Speaking of color…we’ve been working with our chakras in yoga class for the past month or 2.  The chakras (Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheels of light) all have colors associated with them.  They start with red and work their way through the color wheel, ending in violet.  Anyone remember ROYGBIV?  This is the acryonym to help learn the colors in the spectrum:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.  So, while I was meditating and picturing my prana moving through my body, all I could think of was ROYGBIV!  It appears that color theory class even applied to yoga!  Who would have thought?


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