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Gorgeous Hand-Dyed Silk Scarves

I had to get my creative side from someone…and my mom has always been there to encourage me.  She’s the type of mom who doesn”t mind making a mess.  She was the first with the finger-paints, glue, Play-Doh, fabric, scissors, papers, etc.,  She knew that to create art, children (and adults) needed to be free to create a mess, especially if it meant creating something “artistic and creative!”  Well, we are both still making messes and beautiful art.  And while my little blog has mostly been about my attempts at art, I thought it was high-time I share some of this space.  Most artists I’ve met have always been some of the most generous people you could possibly know.  Artists, musicians, etc., know that great pleasure can be gainedmom scarf in sharing and teaching what they’ve learned.  They realize that to inspire others is inspirational in itself, and one of life’s sweetest rewards.  It’s a well-learned lesson for all of us.

So – time for a shameless plug for my Mom’s New Etsy shop!  Yeah, Mom!

Her silk scarves are all hand-dyed and/or hand-painted, and quite simply:  BEAUTIFUL! Scarves have been all the rage in Europe forever and we’re finally catching on here in the States.   I’ve talked her into a couple for myself, but she has plenty more and loves making them.   So keep checking her site for new ones.

Click here to go to her Etsy shop:  Sparx

Here’s just one of the many she has for sale.

Thank you & Peace.

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Putting It All Together

My dream in life is to become an Artist. For years I have been sewing, quilting, knitting, teaching and now dyeing fabrics. I’ve been soaking up as many techniques as I could. Now I want to start putting it all together and CREATE! There is so much to learn, and so many things that fascinate me, at times it’s overwhelming. But definitely in a good way!

So this year, my resolution is to start putting it all together. I’m going to track my year’s progress with this blog, including photos and information on techniques that I’ve learned. This blog should help me record my work and also help anyone else who is interested in learning new techniques.

I also teach sewing, quilting, machine embroidery at a local quilt shop. And now I am putting together a new class for Electric Quilt (EQ6). My hopes are also to use this blog to help my students as they participate in these various classes.

I love to learn, but I also love to teach. Art of any kind, needs to be shared! I have found teaching to be such a beneficial endeavor. Not only am I spreading the knowledge I’ve acquired (from so many other generous teachers), I always learn new things from my students. Sometimes the things I learn might be new techniques, but more often the lessons are much more personal and inspiring.

I truly thank all of the many teachers and friends I’ve had, as well as all of my students. Their generosity, inspiration and enthusiasm truly fills my heart and my life!

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