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Playing with the new Serger

I was playing around with my new serger – trying to make a t-shirt.  Hancock’s had this fabric so cheap, I had to give it a try. Everything went together well.  I did a narrow hem on the shoulders (nice).  I did a standard 4-thread OL on the sides and sleeves.  The sleeves even went in nice.  I did a basting stitch to help gather them evenly. Yeah!  I hemmed the bottom – with the cover-stitch. That was going great until I got back around – the top-stitching didn’t quite match up – and got a little wonky. No problem, it’s pretty small and on the back. Anyway…I’m just practicing.   So onward to the neck I went. This is when the trouble began! I ironed the hem down and off I went – then the stitches didn’t catch the whole edge of the fabric….so I ripped.  Pressed it again, and pinned it (stabbing myself multiple times with the pins).  Now I had problems with the threads and had to rip again (one of the threads kept popping out of the tension). So I sprayed it with a little water, cleaned up all the pieces of woolly nylon (what a mess) and laid it to rest on my ironing board. Then I went to bed.

When I woke up this morning…I had a flash…TAPE THE HEM down! Forget trying to use the guide (which by the way, usually works quite well). So I will try this technique tonight.

I’m really glad I got this fabric so cheap!  But that could be part of the problem anyway, it’s cheap cotton-knit fabric, very thin, but great for a t-shirt or yoga shirt! And I love the khaki color! But I can’t help but wonder, why I wouldn’t just hem all of the pieces first, then sew the seams. I’m sure I won’t be re-inventing the proverbial “sewing wheel” here, but I am sure I could get a much nicer coverstitched hem if I didn’t have to sew them in a circle. I’ll probably run into a huge problem at the shoulders when I try this, but I think I’ll do it anyway!

I ordered the “Serger Secrets” book – that will probably help a lot – but haven’t gotten it yet. I’ll keep you posted! Having a blast!

(photos to come)


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